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Runway Information

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Runway 1/19
Runway 12/30

5000 x 150 ft. / 1524 x 46 m

4000 x 100 ft. / 1219 x 30 m
Surface: Surface: Asphalt/Grooved, in good condition asphalt, in excellent condition
Weight Bearing Capacity:
  • Single wheel: 80.0
  • Double wheel: 110.0
  • Double tandem: 180.0
  • Single wheel: 39.0
  • Double wheel: 53.0
  • Double tandem: 76.0
Runway Edge Lights: High Intensity Medium Intensity

Runway 1/19
Runway 12/30
Runway 1
Runway 19
Runway 12
Runway 30
Latitude: 43-20.140237N 43-20.963020N 43-20.488725N 43-20.258813N
Longitude: 073-36.520817W 073-36.551713W 073-37.143542W 073-36.298325W
Elevation: 321.5 ft. 326.5 ft 328.0 ft 324.0 ft
Gradient: 0.1% 0.1% 0.2% 0.2%
Traffic pattern: LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT
Runway heading: 012 magnetic, 358 true 192 magnetic, 178 true 124 magnetic, 110 true 304 magnetic, 290 true
Markings: precision, in good condition nonprecision, in good condition. nonprecision, in good condition nonprecision, in good condition
Visual slope indicator: 4-light PAPI on left (3.00 degrees glide path) 4-light PAPI on left (3.00 degrees glide path)
Approach lights: MALSR: 1,400 foot medium intensity approach lighting system with runway alignment indicator lights
Touchdown point: yes, no lights yes, no lights yes, no lights yes, no lights
Instrument approach: ILS
Obstructions: 120 ft. trees, 2640 ft. from runway, 840 ft. right of centerline, 20:1 slope to clear 103 ft. trees, 1230 ft. from runway, 580 ft. right of centerline, 10:1 slope to clear 67 ft. tree, 1270 ft. from runway, 120 ft. left of centerline, 15:1 slope to clear 69 ft. tree, 1110 ft. from runway, 320 ft. left of centerline, 13:1 slope to clear
+4 FT GND 190 FT FM AER 230 FT R.

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